Third Mellin Camino Post



We are more than halfway through the Camino now. We continue to walk through beautiful farmland and our red poppies still cheer us. We have had some long stretches with no towns or services. And our previous cool weather has turned warm. As a result, we begin our walks very early and watch the sunrise.

Still, it has been a beautiful experience as we spent much of today walking with 3 wonderful women from Minnesota and Iowa. But before they caught up to us, we sat at an overpass to a creek for a break since there was no town. Looking out on the fields with the mountains behind them and our poppies in eye view with the water running below us, I felt this deep emptiness and sadness. I think I had been praying so hard for the community at SJV in preparation for Jim’s funeral, that I was just plain spent and feeling the sadness of not being there physically.
Now I finally have some WiFi (still no email) and I could see pictures of the Vigil and the Funeral. That was a gift!
So now we prepare for León tomorrow, which will be our last big city before Santiago. Cities are lovely, but also a distraction on the Camino. I pray that God continues to show us what we need to see, to show us how we need to love, and continues to be our strength for the journey.
(Jerry’s note) I felt grateful that the SJV family made it possible to feel a sense of connection to the community with the loss of Fr. Jim. I sometimes feel like I am walking with an angel (my very own angel) who surprises me from time to time. I did not see the tears coming over the loss of Fr. Jim, but then I immediately understood their meaning. The Camino is a physical journey for sure, but it is also a metaphor for the rest of life. We don’t just travel to Spain to have this extraordinary experience of God. We travel to understand that life is full of Camino-like journeys that we are meant to take. It is a sort of beginning really, a starting again. The loss of Fr. Jim is both an ending and a beginning. We hold all of you in our prayers.



One thought on “Third Mellin Camino Post”

  1. Hi Deb and Jerry, it is my first time to come across your posts. I am jealous and you are going to visit the beautiful cathedral of Leon! How beautiful the stained glass windows. Sorry for not being with us these past few days. Buen camino! Luke


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