First Mellin Camino post


We have been on the Camino for about 10 days. We have met many people…many English speakers, even a few who came for a spiritual purpose. The days are long, exhausting and sometimes a bit overwhelming.

They are also beautiful, enriching, grounding as we walk through farmland that is producing the bread and the wine, the vegetables and even fruit we consume ..I’ve never spent so much time on the land in beautiful farm country. The wildflowers are amazing and abundant next to the roads we walk much of the days. The red poppies are our encouragement. It seems God provides them for beauty, amusement, and as a friend to tell us “you can make it!” when we feel spent.
It has been blessedly cool for walking, with just a touch of rain in the afternoons, but today it was really cool and rainy for about 1/3 of the day as we walked. It was hard to warm up when we arrived. But then again I have plenty of time to pray, to think, to talk with Jerry and connect with other pilgrims.
Sometimes I think the rigor of the days makes it difficult to reach out…it feels a bit more like survival. Then I began to see it, like the fields, as an act of being plowed. I am like earth right now being plowed to prepare me for something. I am not sure what God has in store, but I can certainly feel the pain and process of preparation!
Talking and walking with God all day is a blessing. I need God’s strength to keep moving some days! There is also the ever present wishes of both locals and fellow pilgrims of “Buen Camino!”, and the pilgrim’s blessing often conferred after daily Mass. They are also sources of strength.
We had a long walk today on the 12th. It was very cool and a bit wet. The length of walk bothered us less today (17.2 miles), but both of us were sick. Was it a bug, was it something we ate? In any case, Jerry was my hero today and I am filled with gratitude for him. Today we truly walked in step as Fr. William has suggested!

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